• Launched: December 23, 2014
  • By: Unknown
  • Type: Based on Quark SHA-3
  • Supply: 460 Billion coins
  • Speed: 64 sec Block
  • Retarget: 4 hours
  • Reward: 80 Confirms
  • Reduction: Maximum 10% up or 50% down

Dimecoin (DIME) is inspired by Quark and uses a SHA-3 hashing algorhthm for mining. It is one of the more innovative cryptocurrencies and is Asic resistent. This means it can be mined with a CPU or GPU after the introduction of Scrypt Asics. Dimecoin is probably one of the most undervalued cryptocoins on the market.

Dimecoin uses a SHA-3 cryptographic hash function subset of the cryptographic family Keccak. It is closely related to Quark and also uses further algorithms and unique hashing functions (Blake, Groestl, Blue Midnight Wish, jh, and Skkein).

The Windows wallet is available from here

The Source at Github is available from here

A Dimecoin pool is available here

Hash – SHA-3
Volume – 460 Billion
Block Time-  64 Seconds
Difficulty Retarget – 1024 blocks

Halving – 512000 (375 days). Prior to that block rewards were:

Block 1 = 1024
Block 2 = 2048
Block 3 = 3072

Block 1024 = 1048576
Block 1025 = 1024


To configure the client, put the following in your dimecoin.conf file located at: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming.


As far as nodes go, the download link is to a wallet with IRC. Check what comes up and add them.