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Here’s a job offer I received on ODesk:

i currently manage a crypto currency and i need someone to update the wallets i have the source code i just need a few features added

a dime coin mixer

instant transactions

inflation rate of 100 million dime coin a year after all the coins are minded

I need some one who understand and use the the qt language the java language and the c++ language i need simple recompiling of my crypt currency wallet i have the source This job is 50$ per operating system 50$ for linux 50$ for windows 50$ for linux if you can do all three i will add a tip and perfect score guaranteed plus 50$ bonus

this is very important you can see my competitions wallet runs very smooth


here are the source codes for each



[Melech disappeared along with the phony code]

will need this done before deadline if possible

i just need this to be implemented into the desktop wallet as an option


( but instead of bit coin this is for dime coin )

I NEED ALSO AN INSTANT PURCHASE which mean i need the trans actions instant or at least faster then they are now

ALSO I NEED AN INFLATION RATE i need you to check the source and add 100 million dime coin a year as an inflation rate

LAST I NEED THE CAPACITY LIMIT TAKEN OFF you will see in the source code there is a capacity limit on how much dime coin you can send to one another i need it to be removed and to be able to function still with large amounts being sent I have found the way to change the transactions limit…(wallet won’t get blocked if we sent a transaction of more than the specified limit… it will just say that you can’t send this much amount depending on whatever the maximum amount is), changed the inflation rate to a hundered million, implementing the dimecoin mixer is bit complicated and I am working on it but I didn’t have much success yet

last is there way to add permanent nodes for connection to protect the network for security


Ed says: Melech has something f the night about him, and the tricks he and perhaps Lulu got up to and the lack of officialy recognised wallet means trouble.

Oh what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

MutiFaucet is an easy to setup crypto currency faucet that supports multiple currencies. It was loosely derived from the Simple Faucet script by Dogenes. This faucet is built using the Enchilada Frame Work 3.0 and Enchilada Libraries 2.0.

Not expecting the dimecoin mafia to make this, but someone like Grinch from multifaucet, and he’ll do a block explorer for a minimum payment. You get a few ads, but it just costs some dimecoin to start it up, he even hosts.

Maybe I’ll find a ‘raise dimecoin widget’. It won’t take much, and I want to wrestle the coin away from the clutches of the never-ending buy, sell, buy, sell, buy, sell. They’re playing with about 3000 litecoin, so work out the profits.

Plus, the code needs checking, who know what wallet is being used, I can’t even ping the Lulu mining pool. WTF?

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List of all the Altcoins (not dime, though).


Quite a few missed out from this list, including dimecoin. It’s like a wiki page, but apparently impossible to edit. I could make this into a page that anyone can edit. Make a better list. 


Dime model

Update at bottom of the post

This is what dimecoin needs, some shilling, a cool static website and design. Plus, it needs a wallet.

litedoge not dimecoin

ldoge wallet


It needs to do something new, establIsh a new identity, blah.


I spoke too soon, the attempt at changing the PoS reward has been messed up. Damn it!