Download Wallet (Mega NZ)
Download Wallet (Sourceforge)
  • Launched: December 23, 2014
  • By: Unknown (but probably based in Singapore and South Korea)
  • Type: Based on Quark SHA-3 (actually Quark, remember that if you set a NOMP up)
  • Supply: 460 Billion coins (plus ?)
  • Speed: 64 sec Block
  • Retarget: 65536 sec (~18hrs & 1024 blocks) difficulty change
  • Reward: 80 Confirms
  • Reduction: Maximum 10% up or 50% down

Block reward:

Block 1 = 1024
Block 2 = 2048
Block 3 = 3072

I guess that has halved now, so it would make it 

Block reward:

Block 1 = 512
Block 2 = 1024
Block 3 = 1536

Dimecoin (DIME) is inspired by Quark and uses a SHA-3 hashing algorhthm for mining.  It is one of the more innovative cryptocurrencies and is Asic resistent. However, it is a clone of quarkcoin so its innovation is not the result of hard work by the old dimecoin team. It can be mined with a CPU or GPU after the introduction of Scrypt Asics. Dimecoin was probably one of the most undervalued cryptocoins on the market. Now, it one among many, yet retains a certain kudos given the infamous premine, control of it and the very clever low price. Low prices are good in cryptocurrency. Why? You buy at litoshi and sell at two. You double your money. The only possible movement for dime st those times is up. so spend $1,000, get $2,000 or $5,0000 back. You might have to be patient while people are suckered into the dimehole. But it happens, “just like that”.

Dimecoin uses a SHA-3 cryptographic hash function subset of the cryptographic family Keccak. It is closely related to Quark and also uses further algorithms and unique hashing functions (Blake, Groestl, Blue Midnight Wish, jh, and Skkein).

The Windows wallet is available from Mega-NZ and from Sourceforge

The Source at Github is available from here

A Dimecoin pool is available here


To configure the client, put the following in your dimecoin.conf file located at: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming.


As far as nodes go, the download link is to a wallet with IRC. Check what comes up and add them.

I synched the daemon before and got 20 connections. Actually, you should all download Ubuntu. A daemon is ideal. far better than a wallet, and much faster when you have coins with near to a million blocks to synch.

Or make a daemon on Windows … it is technically possible :-)


Interestingly, dimecoin has the largest active  gay community for a cryptocurrency.

John Inman is spokesperson.

dimecoin:  7KAeTMu6C2V4iVHsswzQKAzKDEoptfcuf4  ;  bitcoin:  1DxyzoZbTAfjGqUKQ76L8wbgw7D9JnytC7  ; Cryptsy Trade Key:  7cd254f03f135250b06025a6e5e9e1ec02f48f37