Oh what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive. - Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

MutiFaucet is an easy to setup crypto currency faucet that supports multiple currencies. It was loosely derived from the Simple Faucet script by Dogenes. This faucet is built using the Enchilada Frame Work 3.0 and Enchilada Libraries 2.0.Not expecting the dimecoin mafia to make this, but someone like Grinch from

Dime model

Update at bottom of the postThis is what dimecoin needs, some shilling, a cool static website and design. Plus, it needs a wallet.litedoge.orgIt needs to do something new, establIsh a new identity, blah.UpdateI spoke too soon, the attempt at changing the PoS reward has been messed up. Damn it!

dimecoin.org climbs back up the rankings

After the abandonment of responsibility but not control of dimecoin, and letting the original .org domain slip away in favour of 750 LTC walls, it looks like the Google ranking for dimecoin.org have climbed considerably since I bought the domain and paid for hosting. Now imagine if I knew anything of

Dimecoin and Blockexplorers and Wallets

Dimecoin is wihout a blockexplorer ... again. There have been a few, and the latest guy disappeared, just after dime got its ass pumped 600%. The wallet is needing an upgrade. A lot have blocks have passed since the last upgrade. It just needs recompiling maybe and add a node or two. Along with